by Altarnihil

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released August 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Altarnihil Iowa

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Track Name: Worshiptill
suckle more at the breast of deception
how does his absence feel
this ancient text binds you to its spine
you are what they are
all alone to praise your divinity
seeking answers in the house of illusions
bastardized children shunned by the father
left to starve on cosmic scraps
guided by sightless conviction
pray till the terror comes undone
worship for a thousand years
worship till you drown in fear
worship till your tongue swells
worship till its all clear
if this be the word of god
then god never spoke
Track Name: Utterly & Entirely
seized in the bowels of this animated dungeon
an unwavering ache defines
undying visible wounds
surface to meet the sun
innocence lies gutted
i scorn the aftermath
what have i become, a vexed vessel
denial will precede us in death
where words did not
may this keep you
utterly and entirely
Track Name: Crawl Through Perdition
out of wanting, bore a great emptiness
a nothing that grows, as you burn in reverie
like a woman who yearns for motherhood
yet cannot create life
no resolve-no comfort
pure hell
roving the realm of sight
yet crucified for the vision
living recycled lives
dead above ground
my hate will be known
will you hear me now
banality is my only reality
and endless crawl through perdition
will i ever find peace
a form of release